Kindergarten Readiness Program
Here at Columbia Children’s Center, we are very proud of our Kindergarten Readiness program. Our goal is not only to prepare your child for a successful year in Kindergarten, but also to provide them with a safe and fun learning experience. We take pride in the caring and nurturing personalities of our teachers. We believe that warmth is a vital element for a growing child. Our curriculum is designed so that your child will discover that learning is fun while making new friends and building strong relationships with their teachers who deeply care about their happiness and education.

Through our classroom centers, your child will be involved in a variety of hands-on and interactive activities to develop their emotional, social, and academic skills. They will be provided many opportunities to explore, communicate and create in a warm and loving atmosphere.

Our classroom centers include:

* Computer

* Alphabet

* Blocks/Dinosaurs

* Science

* Writing

* Library/Puzzle

* Listening

* Art

* Dramatic Play

* Math

* Transportation

Columbia Children’s Center Kindergarten Readiness Program curriculum is designed to make sure your child is more than ready for Kindergarten. Our goal is to have your child be prepared and know what to expect in the first year of Elementary school. We believe doing this gives them the confidence they need to have a successful learning experience.

Language Development
Through group time discussions, your child will develop social skills, listening skills and oral language skills. They will have the opportunity daily to participate within a group through sharing and cooperation. Your child will learn positive classroom habits and rules. Through the opportunity to be “Teachers Helper” he/she will develop responsibility and independence.

Zoo Phonics
Each week we introduce a letter along with its sound. A zoo animal is introduced to represent the sound of the letter through movement.

Oral Language Skills
Your child will have the opportunity to share something from home with the group on “Share Day” (Wednesday) and learn to recite monthly and number poems.

Sign Language
Your child will learn the purpose of using sign language and learn the alphabet in sign language.

Your child will learn everyday words along with counting in Spanish.

Small Motor Skills
Writing skills: Cutting, drawing, coloring and writing are every day activities. Your child will have the opportunity to learn how to write his/her name, create a Zoo Phonics and Number book and color and draw in monthly Journals.

Your child will learn to recognize numbers 0-20. Each week a number is introduced, your child will participate in counting and writing numbers.

Counting in English/Spanish to number 30.

Shape, color and calendar recognition.

Simple activities in sorting, graphing, estimation and matching will be introduced.

Concept of money value.

Introduction to a clock and telling time.

When your child is engaged in art they will learn to use different art materials to create and represent learning from other curricular areas. They will experience the feeling of staying with a task and experience the feeling of satisfaction.

Music and Movement
Singing songs about numbers, months, shapes, continents and days of the week will allow your child to learn through singing and movement.

Science and Nature
Through hands-on activities your child will learn about nature, Astronomy, rocks, ocean life, dinosaurs, animals, magnets, plants, cooking and much more!

Social Studies
Monthly themes consist of the world around us such as community helpers, family, health, feelings, solars system, weather, all about me, my five senses, presidents…and much more! All themes are integrated and centered around all daily learning activities.

Outdoor Play
Physical activity contributes to your child’s all-round growth and development and gives young muscles an opportunity to develop.

Sand and Water Play
Your child will learn to express their ideas, use their imagination, share, cooperate, explore, observe and discover through sand and water.

Large Motor Skills
Your child will have the opportunity to ride tricycles, swing on a swing, play basketball, throw and catch a ball, jump rope, participate in parachute play run freely and much more!