The goals of the Preschool Program are to provide a fun, safe, positive environment; emphasizing confidence building and self-esteem. The Preschool Program concentrates on listening and basic cognitive skills such as colors, shapes and alphabet and number recognition.

The maximum teacher/child ratio is 1 teacher to every 12 children. Each classroom is set up according to the age group of the children and we provide the following activity areas to be explored: our Computer Center offers educational software which stimulates and reinforces early reading and math concepts, our Art and Music areas develop creative and social skills, our Dramatic Play areas provide the children the opportunity to learn about social roles and their community, and our Science areas teach the children about the nature and their environment.

Monthly themes like Community Helpers, Family and Nutrition focus on key skills to encourage children to explore and understand the world around them. The daily lessons include Circle Time, which promotes social development, sharing, cooperation and participation as a group member. Math and Science activities reinforce practice counting, recognizing numbers, colors, sizes and shapes, as well as scissor practice. Story time and a language arts activity promote language development, the joy of reading, alphabet and name recognition, individual expression and creativity. Music and movement develop skills of expression, rhythm, listening, coordination, as well as large motor skills.