Adriana Jebens

I am a parent of two daughters who have attended Columbia Children’s Center, and we have been very pleased with the care and education that my daughters have received. My first daughter started attending Columbia at 2 ½ years old. At the time, we were new to the area and as first time parents, we immediately felt a sense of security and trust with the Director, Corinne and very welcomed by the staff. My first daughter, who is now in first grade, was in Ms. Aundreana’s Pre-K class. She seemed to be very well prepared with all the requirements that were needed to start Kindergarten last year. Aside from providing the children with the tools to grow academically and socially, there is a genuine love they have for my daughters and every other child at Columbia. It has been a great experience to see my children grow while being at the center. My second daughter is 2 ½ and she has been attending Columbia for six months now. It is refreshing to know that all the teachers are caring and energetic, and genuinely share in the joys I have when my daughter has learned something new. I work in the education field and both my daughters’ general knowledge, development in speech and language and academic skills are mainly attributed to the wonderful learning opportunities that Columbia provides every day. Corinne is a very hands-on director and is always there if you have a question, need or concern. She, and the staff, are experienced and educated in what they are teaching our kids, and they take their jobs very seriously. We are very grateful to have placed our daughters at Columbia Children’s Center.

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