Columbia Children’s Center provides a cheerful and quality environment where learning is fundamental. our caregivers are credited as Early Childhood Educators who take pride in providing a loving and caring service. We are dedicated to giving your Toddler the time and TLC that only you can surpass! The following are our program goals:

Emotional Development
Use imagination Assist in putting away toys
Follow basic daily routine Deal with emotions in a suitable way
Help with chores and dressing Respond to praise and suggestions
Play alone in small groups Show interest in toilet training
Social Development
Identify family members Imitate activities and actions
Cooperate with staff directed activities Participate in group for short time
Share Take turns being first
Learn about adult roles as police and fireman
Physical Development
Walk forward and backward Run
Jump Throw and roll a ball
Use slide Participate in simple group games
Construct block structures Free form drawing with colors
Feed self with spoon or cup Place shapes in a box
Cognitive Development
Understand “big” and “little” Follow direction
Know two colors and names identify sounds and major body parts
Identify function of familiar objects
Oral Language
Give simple answers to questions Identify people or objects by name
Pronounce words correctly Express own needs and wants
Repeat repeat simple finger plays
Reading Readiness
Recognize letters Recognize own name
Recognize story characters Tell what is happening in pictures
Premath Skills
Use simple number songs, rhymes etc. Count from 1 to 5
Know age in “fingers” Sort shapes
Art, Music, Movement
Use crayons Use playdough
Use glue March to music
Use musical instruments Perform simple exercises to music