Goodbye Summertime Snacks… Hello Brain Food!

It seems crazy to me that summer is approaching the end and the new school year is about to begin. Summer sure flew by fast, for me it did at least.

Back to school time has traditionally been a time for me to reset and get organized for the new school year. Consciously getting rid of lazy habits and commit to being more organized and to making better mommy choices so my children could be set up to have the most success in their upcoming school year. As each year approaches, one thing I have always spent time researching is healthy lunch ideas to pack in my children’s’ lunch box as I know nutrition plays a big role in learning and their ability to focus.

Many new parents don’t understand that children are at a time in their life when they are constantly growing and learning new knowledge. In order for children to grow properly, they must eat a well-balanced diet as preschoolers quickly grow and change physically, mentally, and socially.

Young children also need to develop healthy eating habits early on. Good role models are essential in this.
One thing to remember when packing your preschoolers lunch is that they don’t need much. A sandwich and fruit is usually plenty for a young child. If there is chips or candy in their lunch, they tend to want that instead of what we teachers call “brain food”. We here at Columbia Children’s Center have the children set aside the foods with little to no nutritional value until after they eat the “brain food” that their parents pack for them. Often times, by the time the healthy choices have been eaten, the children are too full to eat the rest.


  • Keep it small
  • Be patient and remember most times you will need to introduce new foods more than once for picky eaters
  • Planning ahead and having a variety of fresh foods available on hand really makes it much simpler
  • Try to be adventurous and have your children choose a new vegetable or fruit at the store and have them help prepare it. Children really do enjoy taking part in the process
  • Be creative and choose foods that may have different textures; smooth, crunchy, sweet, juicy, chewy or colorful
  • Have some fun with it!!! ☺

With Pinterest being at the tip of our fingers, it has made it so easy for me to come up with new things to keep my son’s lunch box from getting stagnant.

Below is a few of my favorite lunch box links if you would like to be inspired to spice up your preschooler’s lunch box!

– Cortney

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