The Power of Preschool

As parents begin to consider the possibility of whether or not to enroll their child in preschool, some parents may wonder, if it is necessary and ask “Why preschool? Isn’t my child learning enough at home or with a caregiver?”

Of course nothing takes the place of a nurturing and loving home, and no one is more important to children than their parents. That being said, research shows that kids who attend quality preschool have higher math and reading skills, are better prepared for kindergarten, behave better in class, and are more likely to graduate from high school and go to college.

Over the years we have heard time and time again from kindergarten teachers that they always delighted to hear that their new students are from Columbia Children’s Center as they know they are equipped with the skills for kindergarten success. This is feedback we never tire of hearing.
Beyond the academic benefits, according to First 5 California, there are many other ways your child could get ahead. These include:

  • Socialize and interact with peers and teachers
  • Pay attention and how to follow directions
  • Finish Tasks, such as, cleaning up before moving on to the next toy
  • Develop large and small muscles
  • Develop Gross and fine motor skills
  • Practice new skills by him or herself
  • Be persistent when learning something new

Additionally, we see time and time again how much more quickly the potty training process goes once children are surrounded by peers their age. It is very helpful that teachers have all the children try to use the “big kid potty” on a schedule and celebrate each success!

We also see a huge increase in a child’s vocabulary almost immediately. They begin to more effectively communicate and mimic the teacher’s verbiage and begin singing the many circle time songs and routines.

A few months ago, a parent shared a video with me that he took over the weekend of his son that attends CCC running circle time when he thought no one was watching. He used all of the terms, songs, and ques that his teachers do on a regular basis. This video was especially exciting for us, because this little guy, rarely speaks. He is shy and he had had a number of ear infections, therefore, we often wondered if his hearing was affected. We were thrilled to see although he may be quiet, he is learning so much here at school!

If you are considering preschool for your little one, choose a high-quality program that suits your child and family, make sure you feel assured that your child is well cared for and is enjoying activities and making friends. Consider that preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically that will help your child succeed in elementary school.

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